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Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 YAMAHA Zuma 50 scooter wallpapers | accident lawyers |

2011 YAMAHA Zuma 50
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The sporty Zuma is a fantastic combination of fun and practicality.
Good things come in small packages.
Back by popular demand, the sporty 2011 Yamaha Zuma 50 is a fantastic combination of fun and practicality. Think of it as a very trick scooter or a very small sport utility vechicle, the 2011 Yamaha Zuma's up for anything.

MSRP: $2,390 (Team Yamaha Blue/White) Available from October 2010

Type 49cc air-cooled 2-stroke single reed-valve inducted
Bore x Stroke 40.0mm x 39.2mm
Compression Ratio 7.0:1
Fuel Delivery 14mm Teikei
Ignition DC CDI
Transmission V-belt automatic
Final Drive V-belt

Suspension / Front Telescopic fork; 2.6-in travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock; 2.4-in travel
Brakes / Front 155mm disc
Brakes / Rear Drum
Tires / Front 120/90-10
Tires / Rear 130/90-10

Length 74.4 in
Width 27.8 in
Height 43.7 in
Seat Height 30.1 in
Wheelbase 50.2 in
Ground Clearance 4.7 in
Fuel Capacity 1.5 gal
Fuel Economy** 123 mpg
Wet Weight*** 207 lb

Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


2011 YAMAHA Zuma 50 scooter accident lawyers

2011 YAMAHA Zuma 50
Features and Specifications
Pictures and Specifications >

2011 Yamaha Zuma 50 model Features

Key Features:
The sporty Zuma is a fantastic combination of fun and practicality.
Carburetor settings and exhaust catalyzer technology reduce exhaust emissions.
49cc of reed-valve-inducted, Autolube-injected, two-stroke performance keeps the Zuma at the head of the 50cc pack.
Fully automatic transmission and pushbutton electric starting make the Zuma super-convenient.
There's room for two atop the Zuma's seat and lots of locking storage beneath it.
The Zuma achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 123 mpg* with a fuel tank that holds 1.5 gallons of gas.

Feisty 49cc, air-cooled two-stroke engine features a high 7.0:1 compression ratio for strong, usable power-perfect for around-town performance.
Reed-valve induction provides excellent throttle response and power delivery.
14mm Teikei carburetor ensures seamless fuel delivery and crisp throttle response.
Fan-assisted cooling system keeps engine temperature reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights, for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.
Exclusive Autolube Oil Injection System ensures no mess or hassle of premixing fuel and oil.
Easy-to-read indicator light located on instrument panel alerts rider when oil level gets low.
Easy, dependable electric starting with backup kickstarter.
Fully automatic V-belt transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
DC-CDI system provides precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance and excellent reliability.
Automatic choke makes cold starting a cinch.

Step-through frame design allows easy mounting.
Long wheelbase (50.2 inches) and large dimensions (74.4"L x 27.8"W x 43.7"H) enhance rider comfort with roomier ergonomics.
Five-spoke cast wheels wear fat, low-profile 120/90-10 front and 130/90-10 rear tires that deliver tons of grip and attitude.
Telescopic fork features beefy outer tubes for strength, while slider shrouds help protect inner tubes from debris.
Telescopic front fork with 2.6 inches of travel smoothly soaks up what the road throws the rider's way.
Single rear shock with 2.4 inches of travel ensures a plush ride quality in either solo or two-up mode.
" 155mm hydraulic front disc and rear drum brakes combine for serious stopping power.

Additional Features:
Super-sporty styling and bodywork create a racy-looking package with an aggressive profile and riding position.
Wide front apron and floorboards enhance Zuma's sporty profile while providing exceptional wind/weather protection and all-day comfort.
Headlight system features dual bulbs with housings mounted atop the apron (vs. recessed) for great visibility and a sporty finish.
Huge underseat storage compartment is perfect for hauling schoolbooks or groceries.
Plush dual seat is long and wide for improved rider and passenger comfort.
Sturdy rear cargo rack boasts a stainless finish and features extensions that double as passenger grabrails.
Electronic fuel gauge lets rider easily keep track of gas level.
Easy-to-read instrument panel features turn signal, high-beam and low-oil indicator lights.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 YAMAHA Vino Classic 50 | Accident lawyers information |

Scooter Wallpapers
2011 YAMAHA Vino 50 / Vino Classic 50
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2011 YAMAHA Vino 50 / Vino Classic 50

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• The Euro-styled four-stroke for economical, practical, fun transportation.
• The stylish 2011 Yamaha Vino (Vino Classic 50 in the USA) offers clean, quiet, fuel efficient 4-stroke performance. The easy to ride 2011 Vino / 2011 Vino Classic makes more sense than ever as gas prices continue to spiral upwards. Fully automatic transmission, and locking under seat storage make the 2011 Yamaha Vino 50 / 2011 Yamaha Vino Classic 50 sensible fun loving alternative form of transport.
• A modern classic.
• The 2011 Vino Classic 50 / Vino 50 is what happens when you combine classic styling with modern engineering - an elegantly simple solution to the age-old problem of getting where you need to be with maximum efficiency and style - with a little joie de vivre thrown in for fun. Powered by a clean, reliable 49cc four-stroke engine that starts with the push of a button and gets great gas milage.
• The fashionable and fun loving Vino sports a clean, quiet, fuel efficient 4-stroke engine.
• The gas sipping Vino is ready to zip you around town with its environmentally friendly 49cc, 4-stroke powerplant. Whether you are looking for a fun, affordable way to commute or just looking to make a personal statement, the stylish 2011 Yamaha Vino 50 / 2011 Yamaha Vino Classic 50 may be the solution. Gas and go convenience meets European styling in the easy to ride, easy to own Vino.

2011 YAMAHA Vino 50 / Vino Classic 50 scooter wallpapers

2011 YAMAHA Vino 50 / Vino Classic 50
Features and Specifications
Pictures >

2011 Yamaha Vino 50 / Vino Classic 50 model Features

• Fuel Consumption * 47kpl/132mpg(Imp)
• Clean and efficient 4-stroke power
• Under seat storage


• Peppy, 49cc, liquid-cooled (with fan assist), SOHC, 3-valve, 4-stroke engine puts out lively, predictable power with incredible gas mileage. The design concept of this engine is peppy performance with low noise, low emissions, and low fuel consumption.
• Fuel consumption of 47 kpl or 132 mpg. Your actual consumption may vary.
• Easy, dependable electric starting with backup kick starter.
• The cylinder features a ceramic composite coating which insures uniform heat dissipation, reduced friction and an extended service life.
• Three valve cylinder head design utilizes two intake valves (15.5mm) and one exhaust valve (16.5mm). The dual intake valves allow more fuel and oxygen to enter the engine for increased power output.
• Special "carbon cutter" valve design removes any carbon build-up on the valve stem to keep the engine operating at maximum efficiency, especially when the unit is being ridden at slow speed for prolonged periods of time.
• Roller rocker arms are used to actuate the valves. The roller rockers reduce friction and mechanical noise to a minimum for a quiet, enjoyable ride. Valve adjustment is via shims.
• Liquid-cooling with fan assist is used to maintain stable engine temperatures even during stop and go city riding. Liquid-cooling allows for a higher state of tune for increased engine performance. The radiator is positioned longiitually in the frame next to the engine.
• Crankcase sump-type oil delivery system is utilized. A special centrifugal oil filtering system is used. This type of oil "filter" automatically removes any particles found in the oil and never requires cleaning or maintenance.
• Keihin NCV18 carburetor features a throttle position sensor (TPS) that is linked to the ignition system to provide crisp throttle response. The TPS system monitors the throttle opening and sends the info to the CDI to provide the optimum ignition timing for great performance. Other TPS benefits include increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.
• Easy access, paper-type air filter is used. Total air box capacity is 2.0 liters for excellent performance and reduced intake noise.
• Automatic choke means no choke to fuss with and makes cold starting a snap.
• Fully automatic, V-belt centrifugal transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation. There is no clutch or gear shifting to worry about. A wide range reduction ratio is used for peppy performance.
• Maintenance-free CDI system with 2-D mapping provides a precise, high-voltage spark for fast starts and crisp engine performance at all rpms.
• Air induction system (AIS) is used to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The AIS system injects oxygen into the exhaust port area to ensure complete fuel combustion, thereby reducing both hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.
• Exhaust system and muffler produce a very quiet environmentally friendly exhaust note. The muffler features a catalytic coating to further reduce harmful exhaust emissions.


• Rugged, step-through, underbone-style, steel-tube frame design provides stable, predictable handling. The step-through design means it is very easy to get on and off the Vino.
• 26mm front fork provides a comfortable around town ride. Wheel travel is 65mm (2.6").
• Single-shock rear suspension provides a plush, comfortable ride. Wheel travel is 55mm (2.2").
• Front and rear 110mm drum brakes supply strong, reliable stopping power. They are hand operated, for ease of use …. just like on a bicycle !
• Rugged yet lightweight, die cast aluminum 5-spoke mag style wheels are fitted with 10" tubeless tires.
• Comfortable "saddle-type" single seat ensures excellent rider comfort and adds unmistakable style.
• Super convenient, large, 20 liter locking, under seat storage compartment can easily hold a full-face helmet or other items like a small briefcase or purse. Maximum capacity is 5 kilograms
• Large 4.5 liter fuel tank means lots and lots of kilometers between fill-ups. Locking fuel cap provides peace of mind.
• 35/35-watt multi-cut lens headlight maximizes nighttime visibility and enhances retro styling. The headlight and turn signals are chromed for an added styling highlight.
• Full-size floorboards and wide, stylish front apron provide excellent splash and wind protection and highlights that retro European styling.
• Eye catching, chromed speedometer assembly features an integrated electric fuel gauge. Large size digits are very easy to read. Other functions include high beam indicator light, turn signal indicator lights and coolant temperature warning light.
• Ultra convenient, key operated main ignition switch serves a number of purposes. Not only does it control the ignition, but is also opens the seat (including helmet storage), and locks the steering
• Unique "G-Lock" anti-theft rear wheel locking system. There is a small lever beside the ignition switch that when moved to the lock position, not only prevents the rear wheel from turning but also slides a cover over the key slot of the ignition switch. It is similar to shifting the transmission on an automatic car into park.
• Rugged chromed rear rack adds additional carrying capacity. Maximum capacity is 3 kgs.


• Electronic fuel gauge lets rider keep track of fuel level.
• Push-to-cancel-type turn signals enhance ease of use.
• Easy-to-use centre stand
• Low-maintenance, sealed battery
• Locking fuel cap and steering
• Heat shield on muffler
• Flexible turn signals that resist damage
• Front and rear side reflectors help maximize conspicuity in city traffic.
• Additional helmet or luggage hook near the ignition switch area
• High quality 3-D Vino logos on side covers
• Chromed headlight, turn signals and rear carrier

MSRP: $2,250 (Seashell) Available from October 2010

Type 49cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single, SOHC, 3 valve
Bore x Stroke 38.0mm x 43.5mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Fuel Delivery Teikei 14mm
Ignition CDI
Transmission V-belt automatic
Final Drive V-belt

Suspension / Front Telescopic fork, 2.3-in travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock, 2.1-in travel
Brakes / Front 110mm drum
Brakes / Rear 110mm drum
Tires / Front 90/90-10
Tires / Rear 90/90-10

Length 65.6 in
Width 24.8 in
Height 39.6 in
Seat Height 28.1 in
Wheelbase 45.7 in
Ground Clearance 3.3 in
Fuel Capacity 1.2 gal
Fuel Economy** 110 mpg
Wet Weight*** 178 lb

Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 YAMAHA TMAX wallpapers | scooter accident lawyers info.

Scooter Wallpapers

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• The Super Sport scooter that blurs the boundaries between scooter and motorcycle.
• Maximum power. Maximum style.
• A fuel-injected 499cc parallel-twin engine, a lightweight aluminum frame and radial tires on 15 inch wheels mean this scooter goes like a sportbike. The 2011 Yamaha TMAX has more than enough power to run with freeway traffic, and its aerodynamic fairing and expansive cockpit will get you there in maximum comfort and style - returning 47 miles or more per gallon* on average the whole way.

Scooter Motorcycle Wallpapers

2011 YAMAHA TMAX scooter wallpapers, specifications

Features and Specifications
Pictures >

2011 Yamaha TMAX model Features

Key Features:
• Fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, four-valve-per-cylinder engine boasts forged pistons, carburized connecting rods, and ceramic-composite plated cylinders. The TMAX has a 11.0:1 compression ratio; upswept muffler canister; Controlled-fill die-cast aluminum frame; 43mm front forks; 4-piston mono-block caliper dual front disc brakes; rear disc brake; aluminum die cast wheels with radial H-rated tires; fully featured multifunction instrumentation with speedometer and tachometer; and radical new sports styling; with those credentials, it's no wonder TMAX is the Super Sport Scooter.
• Horizontally positioned 499cc parallel twin, with reciprocating balancer, offers plenty of smooth power, enough for two-up touring at highway speeds. Configuration helps keep weight low in frame for mass centralization.
• Luxury scooter appointments include a double glove box in the streamlined front apron, a position-adjustable operator backrest, a storage box under the seat spacious enough for a large full-face helmet, and the excellent wind and weather protection that comes from the TMAX's floorboard/ apron/windshield configuration.
• Continuously variable transmission connects engine power to the wet multiplate centrifugal clutch via a durable double-cog-type rubber V-belt. Silent chain efficiently transfers power to the rear wheel. This proven system, combined with TMAX's ample power, gives a whole new meaning-and adrenaline level-to twist-and-go throttle operation.
• The TMAX achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 47 mpg* with a fuel tank that holds 4 gallons of gas.

• Fuel-injected, DOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, 499cc parallel twin, liquid-cooled engine is horizontally mounted and performance engineered with forged pistons, carburized connecting rods and ceramic-composite plated cylinders for plenty of tractable power. Also includes a horizontally opposed reciprocating balancer for uncommon smoothness.
• Electronic fuel-injection system provides sure starts and excellent performance in virtually all conditions and altitudes.
• Lubrication is via a semi-dry-sump system with an oil cooler for longer engine life.
• Continuously variable transmission (CVT) connects engine power to the wet multiplate centrifugal clutch via a durable doublecog-type rubber V-belt. Pivot coaxial drive shaft is used, allowing use of a swingarm separate from the powerplant for excellent handling. Two-stage, adjustment-free silent chain system then transfers power to the rear wheel.
• Muffler incorporates exhaust catalyst technology to reduce air pollution.
• Fuel tank emission system includes a charcoal canister to control gasoline evaporation and reduce air pollution.

• Using technology proven in Yamaha's sportbike line, TMAX has a lightweight, Controlled-Fill die-cast aluminum frame that provides rigidity and balance for superb handling.
• Motorcycle-type telescopic front forks use beefy 43mm tubes.
• 15-inch cast aluminum wheels front and rear are fitted with radial tires for excellent, sporty handling.
• Front double disc brakes with four-pod mono block calipers.
• Pin-slide, single piston rear brake caliper with parking brake system.
• Brake lever is adjustable for operator comfort.
• Rear seat is hinged for easy opening. Underseat storage is spacious enough to store a large full-face helmet.

Additional Features:
• Bright headlights and taillight take their styling cues from Yamaha sportbikes.

MSRP: $8,590 (Raven) Available from February 2011

Type 499cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, forward inclined parallel 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve
Bore x Stroke 66.0 x 73.0 mm
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Fuel Delivery Electronic fuel injection
Ignition Digital TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Clutch Type Wet, multiple-disc automatic centrifugal
Transmission CVT double-cog V-belt auto
Final Drive V-belt

Suspension / Front 43mm telescopic forks
Suspension / Rear Swingarm
Brakes / Front 267mm disc
Brakes / Rear 267mm disc
Tires / Front 120/70-15 67H Radial
Tires / Rear 160/60-15 67H Radial

Length 86.4 in
Width 30.5 in
Height 56.9 in
Seat Height 31.5 in
Wheelbase 62.2 in
Ground Clearance 4.9 in
Fuel Capacity 4.0 gal
Fuel Economy** 47 mpg
Wet Weight*** 489 lb

Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 YAMAHA Majesty scooter wallpapers, accident lawyer info

Scooter Wallpapers
2011 YAMAHA Majesty

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• The 2011 Yamaha Majesty, one of 2 "maxi" scooters in our line-up. The 395cc Yamaha Majesty pumps out the power of a motorcycle with the convenience and comfort of a scooter. Offering a fully automatic transmission, an upright riding position, great weather protection, and tons of room for a passenger and gear, the 2011 Yamaha Majesty breaks the traditional scooter mold and is fully highway capable.

• On the road, the luxurious and sophisticated Majesty is truly a prince. But at the gas pump, you'll pay…well, like a pauper.

• Enjoy lots of responsive power while you cruise effortlessly in comfort around the city or on the highway. Convenient automatic “gas it and go” transmission and unparalleled weather protection are features of this class-leading "maxi" scooter. With plenty of room for a passenger, plus huge storage space for all of your gear - not to mention the power to push it, thanks to a 395cc, 4-valve, 4-stroke engine - the Majesty gives you a ride that'll always have you grasping for new and better superlatives to describe it. The Majesty is fully highway capable, even with 2 aboard!

2011 YAMAHA Majesty scooter accident lawyers | features |

2011 YAMAHA Majesty
Features and Specifications
Pictures >

2011 Yamaha Majesty Highlights
• Fuel Consumption *21.5kpl/61mpg Imp.
• 395cc, 4-stroke
• Huge underseat storage

2011 Yamaha Majesty model Features

• Peppy, 395cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine produces excellent highway capable power and incredible fuel economy. Top speed of the Majesty 400 is over 150 km/h, making it a great city and highway capable commuter.
• Fuel consumption of 21.5 kpl or 61 mpg. Your actual consumption may vary.
• Liquid cooling maintains consistent engine temperatures even while idling at stoplights or in traffic, for maximum performance and extended engine life.
• Convenient electric starting with automatic decompression system means fast, reliable starting.
• Automatic cam chain tensioner reduces both maintenance chores and mechanical engine noise.
• Single axis engine counterbalancer minimizes vibration to maximize rider and passenger comfort. This is one smooth running scoot.
• 4-valve cylinder head design provides optimum breathing efficiency for great engine performance. Highway speeds are easily obtainable with this powerful engine.
• Suction piston-type 38mm throttle body fuel injection provides crisp, clean throttle response with excellent fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. The system also features a throttle position sensor (T.P.S.) that provides information to the ECU to provide the most accurate ignition timing possible for maximum performance at all rpms. Special idle speed control means there is no need to adjust the idle… a special motor regulates idle speed.
• The F.I. system uses a 12 hole injector for excellent fuel atomization and more complete combustion. The injector is located downstream of the throttle body in the intake manifold.
• Electric fuel pump is mounted inside the fuel tank to provide consistent flow of fuel.
• Rear-mounted radiator is assisted by an electric fan to maintain consistent engine temperatures even while idling in stop-and-go traffic.
• Dual air box with dual air filters provides maximum performance and excellent air filtering qualities to extend engine life.
• Fully automatic V-belt transmission ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.
• Maintenance-free digital TCI ignition system provides a precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance, sure starts and excellent reliability.
• Air Induction System (A.I.S.) reduces exhaust emissions for a very clean, environmentally friendly engine. The A.I.S. system reduces hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions by injecting fresh air into the exhaust port to completely burn any unburned gases in the exhaust. This design engine easily meets the EU-3 European emission standards.
• Environmentally muffler not only produces a quiet exhaust note but also features a catalytic converter that reduces harmful hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide exhaust emissions.
• Final drive is via a clean, quiet, double-cog V-belt.

• Open, step-through, backbone-style, aluminum and steel frame design allows fast, easy mounting and dismounting. The upper portion of the frame (rear section) utilizes Yamaha's controlled filling die-cast technology for great strength with light weight.
• Trailing axle 41mm hydraulic front fork with 120mm (4.7") of wheel travel delivers good bump-absorbing performance and great rider and passenger comfort.
• Dual shock rear suspension features 104mm (4.1") of wheel travel while providing a plush, comfortable ride.
• 267mm front disc brake with twin piston caliper provides excellent stopping power.
• 267mm rear disc with single piston caliper provides strong, reliable stopping power.
• Special design parking brake provides additional confidence when parking the Majesty on sloped ground. A convenient handlebar-mounted lever activates the rear brake to prevent the unit from moving. The lever is designed to interfere with the left handlebar to prevent the unit from being ridden with the park brake activated.
• Rugged, cast aluminum, "mag style" (5-spoke) wheels are fitted with tubeless tires. Front wheel size is MT3.00X14 (5-spoke) with 120/80x14 tubeless tire and rear wheel size is MT4.00x13 (6-spoke) fitted with a 150/70x13 tubeless tire.
• Roomy, 2-person seat ensures excellent comfort. Rider and passenger back supports further enhance comfort. The rider portion of the seat can be adjusted forward or backward to add or reduce leg room.
• Huge, 60-litre, locking underseat storage compartment can easily hold two (2) full-face helmets. A vanity light is provided in the rear section of the trunk for added convenience.
• Additional storage can also be found in the front area of the rider cockpit. There is one larger lockable compartment and one smaller non-lockable compartment.
• Specially designed windshield with laminar flow venting (this vent helps reduce the vacuum effect common with many windshield designs) provides excellent wind and weather protection.
• Dual 60/55-watt halogen headlights provide a bright beam of light as well as that sleek, cat-eye image.
• Bright, eye-catching LED taillight
Stylish front apron and floorboards provide excellent splash and wind protection and highlights the Majesty's functional side.
• Instrumentation includes analog tachometer and speedometer with digital odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel tripmeter, fuel gauge, outside air temperature and coolant temperature. The instrumentation also includes a V-belt wear indicator light and an oil change indicator light.

• Special-access panel for spark plug and other selected engine components
• Convenient passenger grab rail is integrated into the rear bodywork.
• Push-to-cancel-type turn signals
• Easy-to-use centre stand and side stand
• Side stand safety lock-out switch prevents unit from being ridden when side stand is down.
• 3-in-1 main ignition switch combines the ignition, fork lock and underseat storage compartment lock into one convenient switch.
• Low-maintenance, sealed battery
• Locking fuel cap is hidden by special-access panel located near the operator's feet.
• Stylish heat shield on muffler protects rider and passenger from hot components.

Model not available in the USA.
Specifications (Canada)
MSRP: $8,499 CDN

Engine 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, single
Displacement 395cc
Bore and Stroke 83 x 73mm
Compression Ratio 10.6 : 1
Maximum Torque 3.7 kg-m (26.8 ft-lb) @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel Delivery 38mm throttle body fuel injection
Estimated Fuel Consumption* 21.5kpl / 61mpg (Imp.)
Ignition / Starting TCI / Electric
Transmission Fully automatic
Final Drive V-belt / Spur gear

Suspension (Front) 41mm fork
Suspension (Rear) Dual shocks
Brakes (Front) 267mm disc
Brakes (Rear) 267mm disc
Tires (Front) 120/80-14
Tires (Rear) 150/70-13

Length 2,230mm (87.8'')
Width 780mm (30.7'')
Height 1,380mm (59.3'')
Wheelbase 1,565mm (61.6'')
Seat Height 760mm (29.9'')
Fuel Capacity 14 litres (3.1 Imp. gallons)
Wet Weight 212kg (466.4 lb)
Colour(s) Dark Metallic Gray.


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