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Sunday, August 9, 2009


MALAGUTI Scooter specifications and wallpapers

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- Malaguti Ciak Master 50 (2009) - Malaguti A2 Phantom 50 (2005) - Malaguti Ciak 50 (2005) - Malaguti Ciak 150 (2005) - Malaguti F10 WAP 50 (2005) - Malaguti Firefox 50 (2005) - Malaguti Madison 125 (2005) - Malaguti Madison 400 (2005) - Malaguti Phantom Max 200 (2005) -


Malaguti is a family-owned Italian scooter and motorcycle company based in San Lazzaro di Savena, founded by Antonino Malaguti in 1930.

Malaguti watched as Piaggio Group (owners of Vespa) and Aprilia were entering the US market and decided as the third largest company in Italy that they could not afford to not expand. Working with the Malaguti family for two years, an intern at Malaguti Italy hired to do market research finalized his proposal by late 2000 to be the official Malaguti importer for the US. The college student's family had been involved in the scooter industry as retailers and importers with a small shop in Miami.

Malaguti's cooperation with Ducati North America and the Ducati replicas allowed the company to quickly expand its brand presence. In early 2001 the high demand for European scooters, the high value of the dollar, and the increasing European dealer base in America made Malaguti an instant hit. However, the attack of September 11, 2001 almost shut the company down as stores across the country began to soon close or lose their sales for the months following the crisis. According to the former US importer the company lost 30 clients after September 11, but continued with the business plan as originally proposed. Most US importers were suddenly unable to import scooters or watched as its dealer base sat with inventory for months as the scooters suddenly stopped selling. Malaguti USA was able to survive, but the increasing pressures from new inexpensive Chinese products in 2002, the sliding value of the US dollar in 2003, and the higher costs of production in Italy made it impossible to continue importing the product past 2005. This trend was seen in all three of the major Italian brands and their importers in America during this first scooter boom. Companies like Aprilia expanded and lost millions in building its distribution empire across the world, including the U.S. It was common knowledge within the industry that Malaguti, Aprilia, and even Vespa were losing money on each scooter sold in the US during this time period. Malaguti continued to push into the American market onto late 2004 early 2005, but with the dollar sliding in value the US importer was unable to afford to keep importing the brand. Once again the market had shifted and Malaguti had to leave the USA.

The former US importer of Malaguti continues to promote Malaguti with a new company, Martin Racing Performance which seems to be the only source of Malaguti parts for many countries in the Americas since Malaguti is no longer sold in South America or Central Americe due to the high Euro. Martin the owner has been quoted in the US press as saying he hopes Malaguti returns to the US and finds the proper investment for expansion as well as keeping such a great name alive.

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