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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 BMW scooter C concept wallpapers. Accident lawyers info

BMW C Concept (2010) Scooter Wallpapers

BMW Scooter C Concept (2010)

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New ideas and concepts on the subject of two-wheeled mobility are a decades old tradition at BMW Motorrad. Countless times, concept studies and drafts have been presented that reflect the power of innovation and future orientation of BMW Motorrad.

With its Scooter C Concept study, BMW Motorrad is yet again embarking on a new path and demonstrating a fascinating mobility option for the future. Here, C stands for "commuter". Particularly in view of the traffic development in urban areas, it presents the prospect of an innovative, sporty big scooter for the future premium segment.

As usual at BMW Motorrad, there is more to this study than just an attempt to present a big scooter for the highest demands. Rather, the designers and engineers of BMW Motorrad focused above all on the emotive component in addition to the technical function and quality - and the thrill from the very first moment on.

BMW Scooter C Concept. Emotion, dynamic handling, and function in the design.
When unveiling its C Concept at 2010 EICMA in Milan, BMW Motorrad will be directing the maximum possible emotion to its interpretation of this subject, which will bear witness to the primary claims of maximum, all round functionality.

BMW Scooter C Concept as a vision of the big scooter is immediately recognisable as a member of the BMW Motorrad family. For instance, it also presents the so-called "split face", a visual tripartite of dynamic response extending from the front silhouette to the front wheel cover and beyond. In the style of highly sporty
BMW Motorrad models, such as the S 1000 RR, C Concept also features a twin-tipped front spoiler.

Unlike the L shaped side view presented up to now by big scooters, with their predominantly vertical body lines and colour scheme, BMW Scooter C Concept has ventured on a new, much more sporty and dynamic path. The body lines sweeping up to the vehicle's rear underscore this big scooter's active riding character. The high rear section emphasises the lightness and agility of C Concept's powerful two-cylinder engine. Sportiness and dynamism are also underscored by the close cut, speeder-style windscreen.

The functional side of this scooter is expressed in stylish design elements, such as the aluminium look of the bash plates with the air intake adopted from the BMW GS.

The black chromium of the suspension and frame parts form a thrilling, dynamic relationship with the aluminium chromium, silver, and blue paintwork of the body parts. In addition, the black satin sections present a high-contrast emphasis on the vehicle's central area. This highly technical and high-quality elegance is borne further by finely worked details, such as the fuel tank cover reminiscent of aircraft and the short, sporty muffler. The visionary facet of BMW Scooter C Concept is presented by the tyres with flanks and treads of blue.

BMW Scooter C Concept. Pioneering technology that fuels enthusiasm.
BMW Scooter C Concept presents unusual and innovative solutions that offer a wide prospect of what in future can become reality in this segment.

For instance, BMW C Concept features a highly complex monolever mechanism with hollowed-out shaft connected to a suspension strut visible from the outside. In this study, front-wheel control takes the form of an upside down fork.

The stable twin disc brake at the front features two radial brake callipers that also underscore the dynamic sportiness of C Concept. In addition, the single disc brake at the rear and the BMW Motorrad ABS provide the maximum possible safety during braking manoeuvres.

The dynamic and equally comfortable driving force behind BMW Scooter C Concept is provided by a new, two-cylinder inline engine in conjunction with CVT (continuously variable transmission). Engine power, torque, and therefore performance will be moving towards the top of the segment.

Light is cast on a more distant point in the future by the LED headlamp integrated into the face panelling. This future vision is also continued by the deliberate absence of conventional rear view mirrors, which will be replaced in C Concept with two video cameras in the rear. These record the area behind the vehicle and transfer the images to two LCD monitors in the cockpit within view of the rider. The road speed, engine speed, and other data appear on a third LCD display integrated at the centre of the cockpit.

BMW C Concept. Perfected rider equipment and stowage space concept.
BMW Scooter C Concept also testifies to thoughts and ideas extending beyond the actual vehicle. In line with the BMW Motorrad philosophy, a big scooter realised in the C Concept style will also come with a range of adequate rider equipment. In the best BMW Motorrad tradition, the development of a big scooter will also include a suitable stowage space concept.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

2009 APRILIA Scarabeo 100 4T pictures. Accident lawyers info

APRILIA Scarabeo 100 4T (2009)
- Ever since its arrival back in 1993, Aprilia’s Scarabeo has set the pace for scooter design and technology, becoming a style icon in its own right. Every large wheel scooter produced since then has tried to copy Scarabeo's design. Because still today Scarabeo represents the most successful mix of classical and modern lines in any scooter. -

Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T(2009)

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Scarabeo’s reassuring, essential looks never go out of fashion. And with its flat platform, and modern, reliable engines, Scarabeo is amazingly easy to ride too. In fact, Scarabeo’s recipe for success is so beautifully simple that it is impossible to copy. That is why riders become so attached to their Scarabeos that they would never change to another scooter. That too is why Aprilia takes such great care whenever it makes any improvements to this legend on two wheels. Scarabeo can evolve, but cannot be changed, and this is reflected in the new 2007 model. The improvements are radical, but in no way betray the original concept that has created one of the world's most iconic two wheelers.

Scarabeo 100 Four Stroke is designed for riders who want that extra performance. As compact as a 50, and as sporty as a 125, the Scarabeo 100 Four Stroke gives sprightly acceleration and the ability to tackle longer journeys without fatigue.

Unmistakable from the very first glance, the 2007 Scarabeo has many modern features while maintaining the acclaimed classical elegance that has given rise to so many imitations. Appearance has been enhanced by various improvements to style, like new-look lights with the latest technology. The tail light cluster has been totally redesigned to use LED technology for better visibility and greater safety. The new direction indicators feature satin finish stems and white lenses. The headlight cluster is new too. Four stroke versions are also fitted with a compact fly-screen for better wind protection. Even the instruments have been redesigned, though they remain generous and in perfect keeping with Scarabeo’s overall styling. The new wheels maintain a family feeling with the previous models but are lighter in weight. Whether two or four stroke, all 2007 Scarabeos share the same overall design. For the Scarabeo Four Stroke in particular, this means a return to the roots, with a slimmer tail, a new seat and a far more Scarabeo look.

Thanks to a robust, tubular frame in high strength steel, Scarabeo offers pace-setting manoeuvrability and unrivalled stability.

With a wheel travel of 80 millimetres, the hydraulic fork soaks up the bumps even over rough cobbled streets.

On Scarabeo, comfort and control go hand in hand. The rear suspension system is based on a robust, adjustable hydraulic monoshock that affords a generous 82 mm of wheel travel.

Thanks to reduced weight and steering inertia, the new lighter wheels not only look better but improve handling too.

The braking system is a further guarantee of safety under all riding conditions. The front brake features a 220 mm disc and a caliper with two opposed 30 mm pistons. The back brake is a generous 140 mm drum unit, for precise, gradual, yet powerful braking.

The Scarabeo 100 engine is a horizontal single cylinder, 96.2 cc four stroke with forced air cooling and a two valve head. Thanks to a power output of 8 HP, this powerplant offers fuel consumption figures similar to those of a 50 with performance typical of a 125. If you want that bit extra from your Scarabeo without having to move up to a big engine with all the associated weight and running costs, this is the model for you.

Scarabeo Four Stroke models are equipped with a new, even more comfortable seat. Handles incorporated in the luggage rack give passengers a comfortable and safe grip and make it easier than ever to lift Scarabeo on to its centre stand for parking. Scarabeo is equipped as standard with everything you could possibly need for an easy life in our busy cities, including an automatic choke and an ample 8 litre fuel tank for excellent autonomy and extended intervals between refuelling. The leg shield storage compartment is big enough to hold all those items you need to keep to hand. The clear glass, multi-focal, motorcycle style headlight projects an intense light beam, with dipped and main beam settings. The instrument panel features new graphics and provides all the information you could want in an instantly readable form. Instruments are clearly visible under all lighting conditions, even at night, thanks to backlighting specifically designed to make everything easy to read. Scarabeo’s instruments, function indicators and warning lights keep you fully informed at all times.

A vast range of accessories lets you personalise your Scarabeo to suit your own needs, preferences and lifestyle. Scarabeo’s appeal is enhanced even further by the must-have top box with built-in backrest, finished to match the original colour of your scooter. The top box is fitted with a single key locking system that lets you open the top box with your scooter’s ignition key, so you only need one key to make full use of Scarabeo.

MSRP: $2,699* USD

Engine :
Horizontal single cylinder four stroke. Forced air cooling. Secondary air catalytic converter.
Cooling : Forced air cooling.
Fuel : Unleaded fuel.
Bore : 50 mm
Stroke : 49 mm
Displacement : 96.2 cc
Compression ratio : 10.5:1
Starting : Electric and kick-start.
Generator : Permanent magnet flywheel 12 V – 120 W.
Gearbox : Air cooled, automatic variator.
Primary drive : V belt.
Final drive : Gearbox.
Clutch : Centrifugal.
Frame : Twin member single spar frame with double cradle in high strength steel.
Front suspension : Hydraulic fork. Wheel travel 80 mm.
Rear suspension : Hydraulic monoshock. Wheel travel 82 mm.
Brakes :
Front: 220 mm stainless steel disc. Caliper with two opposed 30 mm pistons.
Rear: 140 mm drum, single leading shoe.
Wheels :
Light alloy, five spokes.
Front 1.60 x 16".
Rear 1.85 x 16”.
Tyres :
Front : 2.5 x 16" 42J.
Rear : 2.75 x 16" 46J.
Dimensions :
Overall length: 1905 mm
Overall width: 705 mm
Overall height: 1270 mm
Seat height: 780 mm
Wheelbase: 1256 mm
Weight : 88 kg
Tank capacity : 8 litres (1 litre reserve)
Accessories :
Complete large windshield, leg cover, LH mirror, interchangeable leg shield inserts (graphics: Italy / UK / Tiger / Zebra / Mimetic / Sky).

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