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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HYOSUNG Scooter Wallpapers

HYOSUNG Scooter Wallpapers

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- Hyosung EZ100M (2005) - Hyosung KR110 (2005) - Hyosung MS1 125 (2005) - Hyosung MS1 150 (2005) - Hyosung SD50 (2005) - Hyosung SF50 (2005) - Hyosung SF50 Racing (2005) - Hyosung SF50 Rally (2005) -


Hyosung Group is a Korean industrial conglomerate (chaebol), founded in 1957. It operates in various fields, including the chemical industry, industrial machinery, IT, trade, and construction. It is known in Korea mostly for high-end apartments and automatic teller machines. Its CEO is S.R. Cho.

Founded in 1978 as a division of the Hyosung Group of industries, Hyosung began producing Japanese Suzuki motorcycle designs under license for the South Korean market in Changwon, South Korea in 1979. In 1986, they established their own research and development center in Hamamatsu, Japan, and the next year, they began mass production of their own designs. They were the official motorcycle supplier for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. In 2003, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. was spun off from the Hyosung Group to become its own corporate entity. In June 2007, Hyosung Motors Division was acquired by Korean company S&T Group (Science and Technology), and the name changed to S&T Motors.

Hyosung today
Recently, they have expanded from their traditional business of simple and efficient bikes for commuting into the highly competitive recreational market. This includes adding models with larger engine displacement, up to 650cc (with 1000cc models planned); and expanding into developed markets such as Australia, Northern Europe, and the United States.


HONDA Scooter Models

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List of HONDA Scooter Models:

About Honda

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and personal watercraft in the U.S. American Honda’s Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing, and operational activities for these products through authorized Honda dealers.

GILERA Scooter Wallpapers

GILERA Scooter Wallpapers

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- Gilera Fuoco 500ie (2007) (2008) (2009) - Gilera GP 800 - Gilera Nexus 125 - Gilera Nexus 250 (2006) (2007) - Gilera Nexus 300 - Gilera Nexus 500 (2005) (2006) - Gilera Runner 125VX - Gilera Runner SP Simoncelli - Gilera Runner VXR 200 - Gilera Stalker (2005) (2007) -

Gilera is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in Arcore in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera. In 1969 the company was purchased by the Piaggio & Co. SpA -- which now holds six marques and is the world's fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer.

In 1935 Gilera acquired rights to the Rondine four-cylinder engine. This formed the basis for Gileras racing machines for nearly forty years. From the mid-thirties Gilera developed a range of four-stroke engine machines. The engines ranged from 100 to 500cc, the most famous being the 1939 Saturno.

After World War II, Gilera dominated Grand Prix motorcycle racing, winning the 500cc road racing world championship 6 times in 8 years. Facing a downturn in motorcycle sales due to the increase in the popularity of automobiles after the war, Gilera made a gentleman's agreement with the other Italian motorcycle makers to quit Grand Prix racing after the 1957 season as a cost cutting measure.

In 1969 Gilera became part of the Piaggio group.

In 1992, Gilera made a return to the Grand Prix arena and Piaggio continues to produce small-displacement motorcycles with the Gilera name.

DERBI Rambla 125 Scooter Wallpapers

DERBI Scooter Wallpapers

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- Derbi Atlantis 50 2T Two Chick - Derbi Atlantis City 50 4T - Derbi Boulevard 200 - Derbi Boulevard Two - Derbi Rambla 125 - Derbi Rambla 250 -

DERBI Rambla 125 (2008)

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CPI GTR 50 scooter wallpapers

CPI Scooter Wallpapers

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- CPI GTR 50 - CPI Oliver 50 -

CPI GTR 50 (2005)

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BMW Scooter Wallpapers

BMW Scooter Wallpapers

2010 BMW Scooter
BMW C Concept

2009 BMW Scooter
BMW C1-E Concept

2000 BMW Scooter
BMW C1 Nomade
BMW C1 Bagatelle
BMW C1 Bond Street

BENELLI Pepe 50 LX Wallpapers

BENELLI Scooter Wallpapers

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- Benelli Pepe 50 LX - Benelli Velvet -

Benelli Pepe 50 LX (2006)

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APRILIA Scooter Wallpapers

APRILIA Scooter Wallpapers

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Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company privately owned and guided by the passion for motorcycles and racing of Ivano Beggio. It's facilities are located twenty miles from Venice in the northeastern part of Italy. During the past eight years, Aprilia has become the second largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters in Europe. World wide sales volumes last year exceeded 300,000 units. Aprilia has experienced a sales growth of over 500% during the past five years and has grown from just 400 employees in 1992 to over 1700 today.

Since 1992, Aprilia has won 17 World Championships in the 125 and 250cc classes. Aprilia is the only European company to have competed on the World GP circuit in 125, 250 and 500cc classes as well as in World Superbike. Motorcycle racing and riding is a passion instilled throughout the Aprilia organization by its upper management.

Aprilia USA, Inc. was incorporated in June 1998 and is a fully Aprilia controlled subsidiary. Aprilia USA's headquarters is located in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

Aprilia is Europe’s second largest producer of motorcycles and scooters and the only company offering a complete range on two wheels.

In just over 30 years, Aprilia has grown from a small company producing bicycles to become a reference point for the Italian and European motorcycle industry for the results obtained, production organisation, technological research, design and human resources management.

A success largely deriving from the great passion for motorcycles, determination and extraordinarily far-sighted business intuitions of the company’s President, Ivano Beggio.

Passion, enthusiasm and technology - these are the distinctive characteristics of Aprilia, a company which loves a challenge and always aims to win, both on the tracks and on the market.

Aprilia has always successfully interpreted and anticipated trends on the motorcycle market, producing innovative products able to satisfy the demands and expectations of two-wheeled transport users.

The company is based in Noale (VE) and has five factories (four in Italy and one in San Marino) and seven foreign branches (five in Europe, one in the USA and one in Brazil).

During 2000, total production amounted to about 240 thousand scooters and motorcycles with capacities of between 50 and 1000 cc.

Turnover in 2000 exceeded the 1,100 billion lira mark, 54% coming from abroad. The company currently has 1,750 employees, together with a further 3,500 jobs in the spin-off sectors.

Between 1985 (the first year of the company’s racing participation) and 2000, Aprilia won 15 World Speed Championship Titles (a further two World Trials Championship titles were won in 1992), with a total of 116 race wins (111 World Championship GP wins and five victories in the Superbike class where Aprilia made its debut in 1999).

The extraordinary results achieved in racing have kept pace with success on the market. In the last three years, sales have almost doubled and the high powered motorcycle sector (in which Aprilia has been represented with the RSV 1000 since 1998) is gaining ever more weight with respect to the scooter sector (which today accounts for 80% of sales).

The common denominator of all Aprilia products is the high technological and style content, together with use of the most advanced solutions to protect the environment.

In 2000, Aprilia’s more than ten years of experience on this front led to production of the Ditech engine (Direct Injection Technology) featuring an electronically controlled direct injection system. This reduces fuel and oil consumption by 30%, hydrocarbon emissions by 80% and carbon monoxide emissions by ten times. All without compromising on the brilliant performance and pleasure of a comfortable and efficient ride.

For Aprilia, 2000 was an important year. As well as consolidating its market shares, it also stepped into the limelight with acquisition of two historic names in Italian motorcycling - Moto Guzzi and Laverda. Enthusiastically promoted by Ivano Beggio, these take-overs are part of a plan which, focussing on the great tradition of Italian motorcycling, aims to create a centre of attraction able to take on the challenge of tracks and markets throughout the world with renewed energy.

Scooter Brands

Scooter Brands

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Scooter Motorcycle

A scooter is a motorcycle with step-through architecture and either a platform for the operator's feet or footrests integral with the bodywork. Elements of scooter design have been noted in some of the earliest motorcycles, and motorcycles identifiable as scooters have been made from 1914 or earlier. Regional developments were made in Europe and the United States between the World Wars. The global popularity of scooters dates from the post-World War II introductions of the Vespa and the Lambretta. Economic and political factors, including competition from other vehicles, have shaped the evolution of scooters and have caused the development of different variations of scooter.

Underbones are often sold in the the West as scooters. Underbones, based on the 1958 Honda Super Cub, have step-through architecture but feature footpegs similar to those used on conventional motorcycles.

Scooters were originally intended for low-power personal transportation with engines between 50 and 250 cc. It is still very widely used for this application. However, maxi-scooters, with engines from 250 to 800 cc, have been developed for Western markets.

The popularity of scooters as a form of personal motor transport is partly based on their low cost of purchase and operation and their convenience in parking and storage. Licensing, registration, and insurance requirements for scooters have been made easier and less expensive than those for cars in many parts of the world.


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