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Thursday, August 13, 2009

HONDA Metropolitan (2008) wallpapers

HONDA Metropolitan (2008) Scooter Wallpapers
The 2008 Honda Metropolitan is one of the best new scooters I've ridden. Stylish, Retro good looks. Always gets attention, and questions wherever I ride her ....

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Honda Metropolitan (2008)

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The 2008 Honda Metropolitan is one of the best new scooters I've ridden. Stylish, Retro good looks. Always gets attention, and questions wherever I ride her. As the owner of many small Honda motorbikes, C100,C105,C70,CL70, and a Spree. I can say without reservation, that the Metor Is built to the high standards. From the fit, and finish, to the many innovative mechanical features.With 1700 + miles on her now, She starts silently, every time. Thanks to the Indy-car type starter/alternator. The 49cc, liquid cooled 4-stroke mill is peppy for it's size, (even with my large, 245+ frame on her) With a 40 MPH top speed. The Metro easily get around though traffic, has a generous, under seat storage area, comfortable ride,and great gas mileage (113 MPG so far)I purchased this bike for my Wife, but she hardly gets to ride it. As I won't get off it. A fun little bike, I enjoy so much, I installed a "Honda 50" leg-shield badge from my old Super Cub.I hope Honda will be encouraged to produce a 2 seat version, with a bigger motor (125-150cc) so Wifey can get on the back LOL!! (By Jeffrey Feldmann)

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