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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HYOSUNG EZ100M scooter wallpapers

HYOSUNG EZ 100 M (2005) Scooter Wallpapers

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HYOSUNG EZ 100 M (2005)

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So life wasn’t meant to be easy, huh? Perhaps the tall gent with no pants never threw a leg over a scooter, because otherwise he would have found out life was meant to be easy, or EZ at any rate.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that scooters are perhaps the best answer to low-cost personal transport – they’re easy to own, easy to ride, cheap to maintain, blah, blah, blah. We also know that sub- 50cc automatic scooters are legal on a car licence in some states and that sub 125cc automatic scooters require only a scooter licence in NSW, etc, etc, etc. But there’s another thing to bear in mind, NSW only at this stage, but sub-100cc vehicles are taxed at a different, ie, cheaper, rate for rego purposes.

So what does this mean? If you live in NSW, then a 100cc scooter makes the most sense for sensible transport. Faster than a speeding bullet (or a 50cc scooter), more powerful than a speeding locomotive (as long as it’s a 50cc locomotive), able to leap tall buildings at a single bound (well, you get the general idea). Supercommuter.

And the Hyosung is. Super, that is. The 99cc two-stroke is surprisingly nippy for a small capacity engine, and gets the scooter moving quite briskly in comparison with some of the larger four-strokes. Handling is scooter standard, but the front telescopic suspension handles all manner of bumps pretty well. And the brakes are very effective, too; with a front disc set-up that offers feel and power.

So that’s the technical rubbish over with, which leaves the all-important question of scooter style and practicality.

In terms of styling the EZ100 is very sharp, with enough retro chrome to please the traditionalists and yet enough modernity to appeal. In terms of function, I found the lockable glovebox handy, but the footboards begin to rise at the front a little too soon for my long legs. Having said that, though, there was enough room between the ’bars and my knees to make tight U-turns a possibility, something with which I have had trouble on some other scooters.

A black mark, however, to the underseat storage. The engine cover protruded enough into the boot to make my full-face helmet an impossible fit. Apart from that, it’s triffic.

General information

Model: Hyosung EZ 100 M
Year: 2005
Category: Scooter
Rating: 53.9 out of 100.

Engine and transmission
Displacement: 99.00 ccm (6.04 cubic inches)
Engine type: Single cylinder
Stroke: 2
Starter: Electric & kick
Cooling system: Air
Gearbox: Automatic

Physical measures
Dry weight: 83.0 kg (183.0 pounds)
Overall height: 1,070 mm (42.1 inches)
Overall length: 1,855 mm (73.0 inches)
Overall width: 655 mm (25.8 inches)
Ground clearance: 120 mm (4.7 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,285 mm (50.6 inches)

Chassis and dimensions
Front tyre dimensions: 100/90-10 56J
Rear tyre dimensions: 100/90-10 56J
Front brakes: Single disc
Rear brakes: Expanding brake (drum brake)

Other specifications
Fuel capacity: 7.50 litres (1.98 gallons)

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