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Sunday, August 9, 2009

2008 PIAGGIO Mp3 125 Scooter Wallpapers

PIAGGIO Mp3 125 (2008) Scooter Wallpapers

- The Piaggio MP3 is a tilting three-wheeled scooter from the Italian manufacturer Piaggio. It was first brought to market in 2006.Two wheels are in the front and one in the rear part of the scooter -

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2008 Piaggio Mp3 125

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The Piaggio MP3 is a tilting three-wheeled scooter from the Italian manufacturer Piaggio. It was first brought to market in 2006.
Two wheels are in the front and one in the rear part of the scooter.

Suspension mechanism
Because of its unique three-wheel mechanism, it can be brought to a stop and parked like a car, without using a traditional kickstand or centre stand. The front suspension is similar to the single-sided trailing arm of Vespa-style suspensions, linked by an alloy parallelogram and a central steering arm. Care must be taken when increasing the throttle from a stop since the front suspension locking device disengages after the engine is brought to 1,400 RPM above idle. When moving at slow speeds or stopped, the rider must maintain balance through forward motion or with feet on the ground. The front suspension locks or unlocks with the flick of a switch, located just below the throttle on the right handlebar. The suspension lock can be activated only manually, and only at low speeds or at a stop. A parking brake is used in conjunction with the locking mechanism to park the bike. A traditional center stand also is provided, useful in situations where the suspension cannot be locked, such as with a dead battery.

Riding experience
The unique feature of this three-wheel vehicle is that it has most of the riding traits and handling characteristics of a motorcycle with the added advantage of a third "footprint" that dramatically enhances stability and stopping distance. It is different from a standard three-wheel "trike," which is similar to a motorcycle only in looks and mechanics but not in handling. With a trike, the rigid triangular wheel geometry and consequential inability to lean vastly alters steering technique and reduces cornering ability. Conversely, the Piaggio MP3 advertises a 40-degree lean angle, greater than that of most bikes on the street today. Countersteering techniques used in normal motorcycle riding may be employed to fully utilize and control the MP3.

Potholes, road debris, pavement cracks and even road edge "traps" are substantially reduced threats because the third wheel enhances safety through stability. Even problems with inappropriate braking techniques, often encountered with two-wheel motorcycles, are forgiven because of the weight distribution, low center of gravity and extra balance derived from a third wheel. Having a third wheel and a third disc brake gives the rider 50% more tire on the road for traction and 50% more braking.

One noticeable difference is evident at low speeds. Because of the small diameter of the front wheels, they provide less gyroscopic stability and riders used to two-wheeled cycles with large wheels will find that they must reach somewhat higher speeds before handlebar movements can be used to stabilize the machine. When starting, therefore, one must accelerate fairly quickly at the beginning and keep feet ready to touch down if needed; likewise, when stopping one must brake the last few miles per hour fairly quickly. Creeping along at low speeds doesn't work as it does with a conventional cycle, especially given the MP3's 500-pound (230 kg) weight. At a stop light, though, being able to press a button and lock the suspension so the machine won't lean (and to flip on a parking brake so one can take hands off the brake levers) is a huge convenience.

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