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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MBK Skycruiser 125 (2007) specifications and wallpapers

MBK Skycruiser 125 (2007) Scooter Wallpapers
- Stop blaming the traffic for skipping that early morning meeting. And don’t say you broke down either. It simply won’t work. OK, you’ve never lacked excuses; but with Skycruiser in the car park, you’re going to have to come up with something else. Then again, we’re sure you won’t find it hard being 1st at the office - in more ways than one. Dynamic yet refined, it’s one of the most accomplished GTs in the 125cc class, offering the perfect combination of engineering and style. Complete with a 16-valve engine and electronic injection, effortless power is there on demand, while its balanced suspension delivers controlled handling and a smooth ride. The 267mm brake discs at the front, and 240mm at the rear ensure the performance advantage doesn’t stop there. And, with its detailed instrumentation and vast storage space, Skycruiser is a match for any of your colleagues’ cars - in everything except journey time -

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MBK Skycruiser 125 (2007)

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